How Solar Energy Can Increase Your Business Profits!

Solar Power Can Reduce Your Business Operating Costs A Solar Energy system can reduce or completely eliminate your office buildings electricity bill, and whether you are a small business or indeed a large one putting this system in place can have a huge impact and save you substantial amounts of money in the long run…. Read more »

Top 5 Benefits of Solar Power

1. Solar Energy is a Secure Investment Electricity prices are unreliable and fluctuate regularly, this is clearly an upward trend!. Using Solar Panels and some simple mathematics you can calculate how much electricity will be generated and at what price when using Fixed energy costs. 2. Performance That’s Guaranteed The Major Solar panel manufacturers like… Read more »

Swansea City Council approves community solar project

Swansea’s council-owned buildings are to be fitted with solar PV installations after the go ahead by councillors for a community energy project. The community renewable energy and enterprise scheme (CREES) was approved at a cabinet meeting on the 18th June and will select buildings which will receive solar panels, with 11 schools and Penlan Leisure… Read more »

Ground-mounted solar array planned for Winchester Services

Plans to develop a 250kW ground-mounted solar array have been submitted just off the M3 near Winchester Services. Solar energy developers Lark Energy, plan to install 960 solar modules on seven ground-mounted solar arrays in an effort to supply green energy to the Moto service station close by. Shroner Wood Farm Partnership, the owners of… Read more »

Housing Associations Choose Solar

Solar PV is the most popular green energy choice among housing associations, according to a new report by the National House-Building Council (NHBC) Foundation. Nearly two thirds of housing associations surveyed had dealt with at least one type of sustainable technology. 75% of housing associations that were surveyed said they would install solar PV again,… Read more »

Tesla’s Powerwall, why is it such a big deal?

Everywhere we go, we hear about Tesla’s Powerwall. But why is it such a big deal? What is it? Essentially, the powerwall is a battery which can store energy from your solar panels and/or the National Grid. Why is it so good? Now that’s the real question. What’s so good about this battery that’s got… Read more »

Solar Powered Plane Flying The Flag For Green Technologies

A team of Swiss engineers are making the potential of solar available for all to see, taking to the skies in a solar powered plane in an effort to encourage governments to get behind clean and efficient technologies. As Business Green reports, Solar Impulse 2 (Si2), which took off from Abu Dhabi on Monday, has… Read more »

UK Solar Energy Made Great Strides In 2014

It’s been a good week for solar technologies. First came the news that there was significant growth in residential solar in 2014, with over 125,000 UK homes installing roof-top solar panels last year. Now it’s been revealed that Britain boasts more than 650,000 solar PV installations, suggesting Brits are well on-board with renewable technologies. As… Read more »

Pope Francis Cements Stance On Climate Change

Pope Francis has echoed what climate change campaigners have been saying for some time: that more needs to be done to tackle the man-made issue – starting with a courageous stand at this year’s Paris conference. As the Guardian reports, the Pope was disappointed with the outcome of the Peru talks that took place late… Read more »