SunSolar Energy are to reach out to installers promoting the benefits of a solar panel made in the U.K.

Being as passionate as we are about British manufactured products, SunSolar Energy are reaching out to installers across the U.K. to promote the merits of installing our solar modules on to their customers homes and business premises. SunSolar Energy are launching a brand awareness campaign with the aim of promoting our British made solar panels to… Read more »

Backing our Solar Panel Backsheet!

I wonder how many customers ever question what brand of back sheet is used in the Solar Panels they are thinking of buying… This is such an important question to ask! What does a Solar Panel back sheet do? Protects the modules from the environment – UV. Moisture, Weather Provides Electrical Insulation for modules which can… Read more »

Midsummer take stock! UK Manufactured PV Delivered!

Midsummer Energy recently took their first delivery of SunSolar’s unique UK Manufactured PV panel since signing a distribution agreement with the Oldbury based manufacturer. “We’re delighted to receive our first delivery of UK-made black panels, fresh from Sunsolar’s factory in Birmingham” said Jamie Vaux of Midsummer Energy Wholesale who then went on to add “We are positive… Read more »

SunSolar agrees distribution deal with Midsummer Energy Wholesale

Cambridge based Solar PV wholesaler Midsummer Energy has announced an agreement with SunSolar that will see the distribution company supply SunSolar’s UK Manufactured PV modules to the domestic market. Commenting on the agreement, Adam Pearce, National Sales Manager of SunSolar, said: “This agreement will create synergies for both companies. Midsummer Energy has turned to SunSolar in its search for high quality technology that will… Read more »

Bright Future as Manufacturing Milestone is reached

SunSolar Energy Ltd, A British manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels will today begin sending their products from its Oldbury head-quarters in Birmingham to customers all over the UK. Fully certified to meet and exceed the toughest of UK and European quality and safety standards, West Midlands based manufacturer, SunSolar, will today release the first of… Read more »

Sustainability is the key to SunSolar!

With SunSolar about to launch its range of UK Manufactured Solar PV panels to the market, the business is proof that sustainability really is the key to success. As a “local” manufacturer SunSolar is positioned to offer all the benefits that brings; a high standard of customer service and an environmentally sustainable business model.  This is… Read more »

SunSolar launches range of British Made PV Modules

We are delighted to announce that we will officially launch for sale into the market our range of British Made PV Modules from the 27th October 2014. Our high quality monocrystalline modules, with power classes up to 260W, are manufactured at our state of the art facility in Oldbury, Birmingham. This project is being implemented over two phases with a… Read more »

Sunsolar – We Practice what we Preach – Solar Panels for Business

SunSolar’s own 40kWp installation at its Oldbury HQ is performing admirably and is proof that installing solar panels for business shows that your business is environmentally-aware and forward-thinking. SunSolar’s National Sales Manager, Adam Pearce, stated “Solar for business’s can reduce operating costs and provide a hedge against future electric rate hikes. Businesses can reliably reduce… Read more »

SunSolar makes appearance on BBC Midlands Today

SunSolar, which operates the Midlands first solar panel manufacturing plant, has featured on BBC Midlands Today. The Midlands Today news team reported yesterday, Tuesday 19th August, from SunSolar’s manufacturing facility in Oldbury, Birmingham. Recently, the Midlands has experienced a boom in planning applications for solar farms which has prompted David Gregory-Kumar, a journalist working for… Read more »

SunSolar Produces 178% of Expected Output in Last Quarter

SunSolar is proud to report that during the period 30th April 2014 to 23rd July 2014, our 39.95kWp PV installation, located on our HQ in Oldbury, produced 21,312 kWh of electricity, generating over £2600 in FIT Tariff payments for the quarter. The system has now produced over 41,000 kWH since its installation. At the end… Read more »